You are installing a wide-range cassette. The chain you used previously may be not long enough: if that’s the case, you will need to add 2-6 chain links or buy a longer chain.


Using chain that is not long enough may cause improper drivetrain operation or rear derailleur failure.


Please consider choosing the appropriate chain length when installing the cassette on full-suspension bike, where the distance between bottom bracket and rear dropouts constantly changes.


When changing chain length, the distance between rear derailleur cage and cassette is altered. For correct rear derailleur functioning you will need to position the cage as on the scheme (10 degrees tolerance is allowed - see picture below for details).


By adjusting b-tension screw you can allow rear derailleur to handle largeк cassette cog: tightening the screw will move the upper pulley further from the cassette, enhancing the capacity of RD, while unscrewing the b-tension bolt will decrease the distance between the upper pulley and cassette (minimum distance between upper pulley and the biggest cassette cog should be approximately 5mm when the chain is on the biggest cassette cog).








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